Artist Biography

Artist Statement

    As a great connoisseur of all things new age and occult, I naturally gravitate toward the energy of fear in my work. There’s something about being vulnerable to the world that shakes your core, with fear of eternal shame. Although the rush isn’t anyone’s favored emotion, it is one that we also find exhilarating and paralyzing. Fear can be destructive and regenerating all at once, and has always been a starting point whenever I’m stuck on an idea. I enjoy painting the fictitious as well as true crime scenarios, because we all know that life can be just as macabre as a horror movie.  

When things get rough, expressing my anguish through painting not only heals the soul, but produces my most beautiful and emotional pieces. The use of bright colors and craftsmanship gives off a child-like illusion while having macabre subjects. Splatters, spontaneous paint strokes, and the  use of unconventional everyday materials seem to create a sense of chaos and familiarity throughout.The use of color and certain brushstrokes are ritualistic for me, and I enjoy creating auras of energy that can translate to a canvas. 

My artwork is centralized around mental health and the psychosocial effects of anxiety in life. I am inspired heavily by German abstract expressionism and pop culture.

Kevin Zeledon is a New Jersey-based artist who makes dark, abstract work. He was born and raised in Guttenberg, New Jersey and has a BA in Art History from Arizona State University. He makes multimedia paintings, portraits, and digital collages from his home. Kevin is inspired by the dark and macabre, and it is evident in his artwork. He is also hoping to pursue sculpture in the near future. 


 He was involved in Jerk's Production's group show “Fused Underground”  in 2018.